WUFT News is an NPR affiliate station in Gainesville, Florida. I produced and edited digital content for the web, mostly aimed at politics. These are my best works from my time with the station. For the complete collection of my work with WUFT head to my author page. 

Arreola Upsets Incumbent Carter In District 3 City Commission Race, Warren And Ward Also Win

As the editor for this piece I coordinated four reporters out covering Gainesville City Council election night. I communicated with them to tell them who was winning, where to go, what to ask, what pictures we needed and at the end of the night combined their stories to form a cohesive article.

Florida Votes 2016: State Senate District 8

After the primary election I spoke with the Democratic and Republican nominees for state senate in our district to give voters a better idea of where their candidates stand on important issues.

Late At Night, Rep. Dennis Baxley Wins Florida State Senate District 12

What I thought would be an easy piece turned out to be a long night of waiting for the results of the Republican primary election that essential resulted in election to the seat, since there was no opposing party.