Lee Enterprises Public Service Journalism Team

North Carolina's alcohol control system

ABC manager thinks liquor distribution system breaks state law

An ABC board manager in North Carolina believed the way the state distributed limited liquors was against state law.

NC's complicated alcohol control system built on shaky ground

I spoke with a lawyer who belives the state's ABC system rests on complicated legal standing.

NC government makes millions on liquor. Where does it go?

I dug into where liquor profits were spent, and found many places do not track that information.

Medical debt's impact

Medical debt and its' powerful effects on families

I lead an enterprise project addressing the impact medical debt has on people, and what is or isn't being done to help.

Medical debt weights on 1 in 5 North Carolinians

I wrote about the medical debt crisis in North Carolina and the status of Medicaid expansion, a potential aid to those with medical debt.

SC has 2nd-highest medical debt levels in US, little hope of Medicaid expansion

This story examined the status of Medicaid expansion in South Carolina, which faces high levels of medical debt.