I’m a newspaper reporter for the Hickory Daily Record in North Carolina where I cover business, some government and anything else that comes my way. I also write feature stories that highlight local people in Catawba County. I believe covering a community, specifically local business and government, is some of the most important reporting to be done, so I put my heart into my work — even when that means a lot of footwork that doesn’t always amount to a story. In a small community, developing relationships with sources and locals right off the bat is important and something I pride myself on.

I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Florida. There, along with learning new skills in digital reporting and social media, I found myself with a growing sense of how important informing the public is. It was in my final year at UF that I realized just how passionate I felt about reporting.

At my various internships and writing positions I expanded and refined my social media knowledge, digital writing skills and even delved into marketing and public relations — though always went back to journalism.

Originally from Gainesville, Florida, I’m used to warm winters, scalding summers and the more-than-occasional alligator. In 2017, though, I made the move to western North Carolina, for a job at the Lenoir News-Topic, where I worked for two and a half years. 

Here, the weather is perfectly mild, the beer is local and the people are brimming with southern hospitality and charm. When I’m not hard at work I’m usually on a run, cooking up a meatless dish, hiking to the top of a nearby mountain or — as is the case most of the time — cuddling with my cat, a hot cup of tea in hand and an episode of ‘Scrubs’ on the TV.